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V3 Side Objects Introduction [27-01-2015]

In v3 the side objects manager is part of the Inspector toolbar. The below video is an introduction and shows the scene
workflow with several examples. More examples will follow...

00:00 The Side Objects Manager with a list of currently available side objects.
00:22 Activating / deactivating side objects on roads and individual markers.
01:30 Assigning side object settings to road types. Instances of the specific road type will have these side objects activated automatically.
02:15 Just like in v2, you can create your own side objects, here we will create a concrete barrier for the middle of the road using the Procedural Mesh Object type and a barrier model created in a modelling app. After setting up the side object we will test it on a road and add it to the Motorway 2x2 Road Type preset. The new concrete barrier will be created instantly just like the other side objects that are active. In the video we also move the road above te ground at some parts and we adjust the shape of the white surrounding surfaces. The terrain will be adjusted automatically (end of the movie).
06:20 The side object system can also be used to create bridges adjusting to the shape of the road. Also for this side object, the Procedural Mesh Object type is used. In the Mesh Editor Window "Adjust To Road Width" is activated and we set an offset that defines the left and right edge of the road on this side object. The bridge will now auto update to the road width.
08:07 A more complex bridge, this is not completely finished yet.
08:40 Building the final Road Network / motorway.

Just like in v2, EasyRoads3D v3 can also be used to create non road related procedural objects such as individual fences, tree
lines or specific shapes. The below video shows different workflows , useful scene options and some examples.

00:00 Activate "Side Object" in the New Object tab (second tab from the left) to create a new non road related object. To simplify this, we can create a new Road Type preset (the naming will change in a next beta) in General Settings > Road Types. First the object "Side Object General" is created. This can be used for any type of side object by activating the desired side objects in the Inspector after creating the new object.
00:55 Now we create a "Fence 2" object with the Fence 2 side object activated. We can now simply select this new preset from the dropdown in the New Object tab. The Fence 2 side object will be activated automatically.
01:45 By default side objects will snap to the terrain. You can deactivate this with the "Snap to Terrain" option. In general you will want to have side objects snap to the terrain and follow the terrain contours.
02:10 The path will be created with a spline curve by default. For some objects such as fences you may want straight segments. You can achieve this by selecting one of the two straight segment options from the Control Type dropdown in the Inspector.
02:40 Another example of a non road related object is a simple river. In the video two side objects are used, one for the river surface and one to define the shape of the river bed. Both are Shape Object type of side objects. The shape is defined in the Shape Editor window. For the river surface we use the standard Unity Daylight Simple Water prefab as the target object. All the Daylight Simple Water scripts and materials will be added to the generated river river surface. For the River Bed side object "Deformation Object" is activated, the terrain will be adjusted according the River Bed shape.


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