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EasyRoads3D v3

Create road networks using both the fully customizable built-in system, or by importing your own assets. Enhance the road network with side objects. The side objects system is a tool by itself and can also be used without roads to create individual objects such as fences, walls, tree lines, powerlines, etc...

All images on this page (including the image slider) and in the tutorials section are from the free EasyRoads3D Pro demo project.


Create winding roads or paths in scenic environments or complex city road networks. The v3 demo project comes with a set of road types. This is flexible, you can create your own project specific road types as well.


The built-in customizable crossing options currently include X, T crossings, roundabouts and a separate crossing mesh creator based on road types. More will follow.


Unleash your creativity! Create unique road networks by importing your own crossing models. Endless possebilities for complex infrastructures of any kind.



Bring your scenes alive! Auto generate guard rails, fences, walls, lamp posts, tree lines, powerlines, terrain detail mesh overlays, etc... Use the available side objects and/or set up your own unique side objects.


Bridges can be created through side objects. The Side Object Manager includes bridge specific controls.


EasyRoads3D is not limited to roads only. Fences, walls, powerlines, rivers, and more complex procedural shapes can be generated individually with no roads involved.



EasyRoads3D adjusts your Unity terrain object(s) to match the shape of the road network. Vegetation within defined zones of the road network will be removed.


Recreate real world environments. Import OSM and KML data with the option to assign EasyRoads3D road types to OSM road types. Crossings are not yet generated automatically, still a huge time saver.


Create your roads through code and simplify your AI system by using the already available road data. The v3 scripting API can be used both at runtime as in the Unity editor. The current scripting API options.


Full Feature List

Here is a full list of what EasyRoads3D v3 can do:


  • Road Type Manager to create your own road types or import / adjust road type presets
  • Customizable road width, road materials
  • Random road smoothness adjustable per marker for a natural realistic look
  • Angle Threshold for optimized low poly roads with minimal loss of detail in curves
  • Automatially follow the terrain contours with adjustable contour threshold to realistically simulate both highways passing through undulated areas and mountain roads following the original terrain shape.
  • Add / Insert / Remove markers at any stage of the development process
  • Tilting / banking in curves
  • Add bridges, sidewalks
  • Closed roads ideal for race tracks
  • Support for unlimited number of side objects like guard rails, barriers per road object.
  • Multiple road shape control types: Spline, straight segments, circular segments also useful for race tracks
  • Edit multiple markers simultaneously, edit multiple road shape nodes simultaneously
  • Auto generate LOD groups for roads with optimized meshes


  • Connections automatically updating to the selected road type
  • Adjustable corner radius
  • Adjustable resolution
  • Optional sidewalks including adjustable width/height and shape
  • Just like ordinary Unity prefabs, props such as traffic lights and road markings can be added

Custom Crossings

  • Import your own unique crossing / connection meshes, you are not limited to what the tool provides
  • Add props such as traffic lights

Side Objects

  • Import ready-to-use example side objects from the free demo project
  • Create your own side objects in the Side Object Manager.
  • Instantiate prefabs along the path: lampposts, markers, terrain trees, rocks
  • Define shapes in the shape editor and procedurally generate them along the path with options to modify the shape per markers. Useful for objects like rivers, terrain detail mesh overlays.
  • Procedurally generate objects based on imported meshes. Fences, walls, hedges, bridges, powerlines
  • Optionally align the objects with the terrain or with the road.
  • Addjustable shape randomness for variation and a natural look.
  • Manually distort the shape to get a damaged look on objects such as fences and walls
  • Activate / deactivate side objects per marker
  • Fine tune the start / end positions
  • Side objects can be generated on their own path, no roads involved.


  • Support for multiple Unity terrain objects
  • Adjust the Unity terrain object shape to the road network
  • Add the shape of the road to the unity terrain splatmap
  • Remove tree prototypes at a definable distance from the roads
  • Remove detail prototypes at a definable distance from the roads
  • Optimized terrain updating for the selected road only to speed up the process during development and testing
  • Terrain Mesh supported, the roads will snap to the terrain. The terrain shape will not adjust to the road shape.


  • Highlight roads clearly in undulated areas
  • Global and local grid snapping
  • Road Fly Overs directly in Scene View
  • Lock Road objects
  • Optionally only show the handles for the selected road for optimal user friendliness
  • Fine tune side object start / end offsets


  • Side Object Manager. This essentially is a powerful tool by itself. Set up side objects based on your own assets: walls, fences, guard rails, tree lines, rock formations,
  • Auto generate roads from road data. OSM and KML files are supported. Link EasyRoads3D road types to OSM road types. Crossings not yet automatically added.
  • UV Editor for sidewalks, shape type of objects and custom crossing connections based on your own meshes.
  • Main road - secondary road low poly crossing generator based on available road types. This will be integrated later in the dynamic crossing system in v3.x.


  • Export the full road network to .obj
  • Export individual roads to .obj
  • Export side objects to .obj
  • Save the road meshes as mesh assets in the assets folder (required for prefabs)