Crossings / Connectors


Road networks are build using separate objects for roads and connectors. Connectors can be crossings, roundabouts or any other prefab that connects two or more road objects / segments.

The system supports two types of connectors:

1) Dynamic Built-in Connectors

2) Custom Connectors


Dynamic Built-in Connectors

These are built-in prefabs that can be customized, you can change the road width, rounding radius, geometry resolution, etc. Currently available are X Crossings, T Crossings and roundabouts. More options like Y Crossings, highway ramps will follow. More...


Custom Connectors

But you are no limited to what the system provides.

Custom connectors are based on mesh models imported into the system. This is a powerful system that allows you to create your own unique road networks without limitations. It is a tool by itself that can also be used for non road related objects. For instance the sewer system in the demo project was done this way and the train rail in the above image. More...


Roads between Dynamic and Custom Connectors

Dynamic and Custom Connectors can be used together in a road network. Roads can be connected between the two as long as the geometry structure of the connections match. Currently this only looks at the number of nodes that the define the shape.

When the shape of a connection does not match the shape of the selected road, the center crossing connector handle will be displayed in red and the connection is not possible. In that case another custom connector is required that acts as a transition between the two road types with on one end the geometry structore of road A and on the other end the geometry structure of road B.


I Connectors

Alternatively an I Connector can be used. This connector type does support different road types and can be used for example to connect flat roads with extruded roads by flattening the extruded road shape at the connection point.