Roadmap Survey

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Let us know your preferences by rating the below topics and optionally sorting them from highest priority at the top to lowest priority at the bottom

GUI Improvements
Customizable Inspector and Scene View GUI Layouts
Low     High
Additional Assets
More mobile / AAA targeted assets like ready-to-use Side Objects and advanced road shaders
Low     High
Highways Ramps
Built-in dynamic options for highway ramps
Low     High
Y Crossings
Built-in dynamic options for flexible Y Crossings
Low     High
Extruded Roads
None flat extruded roads support on dynamic crossings
Low     High
Road Subdivision
Support for attaching roads with subdivision to dynamic built-in crossings
Low     High
Road Subdivision per Marker
For optimized geometry and a smoother road surface in bends with height differences
Low     High
Additional X T Crossing Options
More crossing layouts to support different road types / materials
Low     High
More ready-to-use bridges and more extensive bridge control options
Low     High
LOD levels for Crossings
Automatically generated Crossing LOD Levels for the built-in crossings and support for LOD levels for custom connection prefabs
Low     High
Materials & Shaders
More materials & shaders and extending the current shaders further taking full advantage of PBR
Low     High
Scripting API
Full implementation of the scripting API
Low     High
Updating the Terrain
More control like flexible distances adjustable per marker for vegetation removal and more texture control for embedding the road shape in the terrain spatmap
Low     High
OSM / KML Road Data Import
Expand the current implementation with auto generation of intersections
Low     High
Hilly Areas
Auto generated walls and/or terrain detail meshes based on rules.
Low     High
More river specific control options.
Low     High
Scene View GUI
Optional road / marker GUI in the Scene View window additional to the Inspector controls and scene view workflow improvements
Low     High
PDF version of the manual
Low     High
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