EasyRoads3D V3 Beta Manual


EasyRoads3D Toolbar



In v3 all EasyRoads3D features can be accessed inside the Inspector from the main EasyRoads3D toolbar which will be displayed after selecting the main road network game object in the hierarchy.



The toolbar tabs are briefly explained below with links to full details.

Scene Status

Whenever you select a road or crossing object in the scene, this tab will be set automatically as the active tab. It will display the properties of the selected object. Click here for full information.

Add New Road

Activate this tab to create a new road. You can select the road type from the dropdown which will set the road width and material. You can also manually change these properties but when building complete road networks it is recommended to first setup the road types in your road network. After clicking the "Add new Object" button the new road game object will be created in the hierarchy. You can now start adding markers by holding the SHIFT key and left click in the scene where you want to start the road. The road will appear after adding two markers. Click here for full information about road specific options and workflow.

Add Crossing Prefab

Crossings can be attached directly to roads. Alternatively you can position the crossings first. This tab will display all available crossing / connection objects. Select a crossing object from the list, hold the SHIFT key and click in the scene where you want to position the crossing. You can do this repeatedly to instantiate the same crossing object. Click here for full information about crossing specific options and scene workflow such as attaching roads to crossings and positioning / rotating crossings.

Build Terrain

This tab will open the terrain control options for adjusting the terrain to the shape of the road network. Click here for full information on how you can customize the terrain settings to your project specific needs.

General Settings

The General Settings tab includes a wide range of options that will help to improve the overall workflow. You can create new road type presets, crossing objects and set default materials. Here you can also create backups of your terrains, restore terrains and you can auto create road networks by importing OSM or KML data sources. Click here for full information about the General Settings tab.

Side Objects

This tab will display the side object manager. Use it to create new side objects or edit exisiting side objects. Click here for full information about the Side Objects Manager tab.

Help / Info

The help tab provides quick info on the imported version of EasyRoads3D and a Help button that will open this manual from our server.